Strategy:  How To Profit From The 200 Year Old Property Market Cycle To Grow Your Wealth

Discover How To Simply Understand  The Signs in The Boom / Bust Cycle and How to Profit from It, and Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

What will you discover?

A roadmap for replacing your income with property cash flow

How to put a plan in place to replace your income with property cash flow

How to structure a property for cashflow

Ensuring your property is not just set-up capital growth but also creates you passive income

When is the next boom and when is the next bust

These cycles have been consistent since the Early 1800’s – learn how you can grow and protect your wealth by understanding the Big Cycle.

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Consultant, Presenter, Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, Coach, Author, former Certified Financial Planner, Director, Shareholder DipFP, AdvDipBus, Cert IV Financial Services, Cert IV Life Coaching, MAUS Certified Partner

  • Advised 1000s of people in investing over the last 30 years
  • Co-founder of one of Australia's top private financial planning firms
  • Personally built a large property portfolio

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"Good info, great talker, explains it all well, easy to understand. No pressure."

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Cashflow Is Vital In Property Investment – as it allows you to afford more land.  Louis Glickman once said “The best investment on earth is earth”, and Mark Twain said “Buy land, they aren’t making any more of it”, and finally from John D. Rockefeller said “The major fortunes in America have been made in land”

Who Is Darren Laudenbach?

What will you discover?

Who Is Alex Cook?


I have had the privilege of working in the finance industry for the last 20 years, and have been able to help hundreds of individuals and their families to make wise financial decisions.

I created the Wealth with Purpose Courses because of my desire to help you use the money that God has blessed you with, in a way that honours him and enables you to live financially free so that you can fulfil the calling that God has for you, and so that you can have the skills to use and build wealth that can be used for kingdom purposes!


As a serial entrepreneur, who has started, grown and sold a financial planning practice, I am passionate about sharing my entrepreneurial and marketing skills to help kingdom businesses and Christian ministries to thrive. I was fortunate enough to learn the skills on how to build, market, and grow a business through first hand experience and I believe I am called to share and release others to thrive in what God has called them to do.

Who Is Darren Laudenbach?


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Darren Laudenbach
Property Investment & Cash Flow Expert


  • Not Sure if You Can Invest?  
  • Worried About a Market Crash?
  • Confused by the Options?
  • Want to avoid property investment scams? 

All your Property Questions Answered in this Fast-Paced Education Workshop

Warning signs to identify a bad investment

Ensuring You Maximise Your Tax Benefits when Investing

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